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Child pornography is considered a particularly grievous offense by both law enforcement and the community at large. Victims of child pornography are left not only with the trauma of the sex acts performed during its production but also later in life. Today especially, these videos or images are more often than not immortalized on the [ Halloween looks very different as you grow up. As an adult, Halloween is all about late-night costume parties with friends.

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For children, Halloween means trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. The streets are their playground When you are arrested, charged, or convicted of a crime, the state of Texas puts it on your criminal record. That record is accessible to anyone. If an employer wants to see it, they can. This may [ Self-defense is one of the most common defense strategies in cases involving assault and other violent crimes. George Zimmerman used it when he faced charges of murdering Trayvon Martin.

A police officer in Dallas is claiming self-defense in a controversial case after she shot and killed an unarmed man in his apartment.

News stories every [ Being accused of shoplifting can be a stressful experience. Security personnel may threaten you with criminal allegations, police action, or ask you to pay restitution. However, depending on the circumstances of the situation, their actions may not be entirely lawful. If you have been accused of shoplifting in Texas, it is important to recognize that [ Not too far south of here, Austin experienced one of its biggest fires in years recently.

On September 19, a fire burnt the foundation of a unit condo development and spread to neighboring apartments. People in the community initially feared that arson could have been involved. Investigators have since ruled out that possibility, but there [ Even when you can count your blessings on more than two hands, your child still has to learn to navigate this world one way or another, and that takes time - and practice. Experience tells us that stumbling is inevitable. When this happens, one person in the relationship may have strong negative feelings about how they were treated and want revenge.

Alternatively, sometimes a family argument can boil over into a personal need [ This vigilante can arrest [ Sentencing juveniles as adults may not be in the interest of justice in every case. Many factors, including the crime itself, must be taken into account when making this decision. Talking is not always in your best interest.

This is especially true if you have been charged with a crime or are under law enforcement suspicion of committing a crime. The only person you should be speaking [ The right to a trial by jury is inviolate. It is a personal right every person who is charged with a criminal offense enjoys. In Texas, that right may be waived in most cases. There is no magic formula to decide which is best for you. That decision must be made in close consultation with [ Law enforcement in Texas, and around the nation, has begun to crack down on human trafficking.

Human trafficking demeans and exploits its victims. Perpetrators of this crime frequently prey upon vulnerable populations, such as the young, the transgendered, and illegal aliens hoping to come to the U. Many are lured through social media [ Tarrant County resident Ethan Couch and his despicable behavior has drawn national attention.

His case has also focused a white-hot spotlight on the juvenile justice system. The case has further solidified what many believe to be true. On its face, the saga of Ethan Couch proves that two justice systems operate in this country: one [ The police do not have authority to make an arrest in Texas without a warrant, generally speaking. If they do make an arrest without a warrant, then the police must justify their actions.

Evidence that was seized or statements that were subsequently made after an unlawful arrest may be suppressed, that is thrown out of [ Panic, shock, fear, desperation, and confusion are a just few of the numerous emotions a person can feel after being involved in an accident.

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You, as the driver, could be suffering from injuries such as a concussion or pain from the air bag or seatbelt, or worse. A person in your own car could be [ He received a sentence of life in prison [ Anthony Warner, a pilot from Dallas, arrived in Newark as passenger on a flight from India on January 10th.

What is the case against Perry all about? The charges stemmed from [ On July 31, , a Fort Worth police officer—a veteran who had been on the force for 23 years, but has yet to be identified—shot an armed suspect near West 5th and Houston Streets in Fort Worth, Texas. According to news reports, the police officer has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.


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Police [ Here are three things that you need to do after being arrested for aggravated assault in Texas: 1. In a very interesting change of fate, Anthony Graves—who spent 20 years in prison for murders he did not commit, and 10 years on death row—was recently appointed to the board of the Houston Forensic Science Center.

X Request a Free Consultation Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch soon. Aug 1 Share 1. Sources: 1. Latest Posts Popular Posts Feb 21 Feb 2 Jun 15 Jun 7 Nov 15 Everything You Need to Know about Texas Shoplifting Laws If you have been charged with shoplifting in Texas, you may wonder what penalties you may face if convicted. Jan 18 What to Expect after Getting a Texas Assault Charge If you are arrested on assault charges in Texas, it is important to understand the legal process that you will have to go through.

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Nov 1 Mar 21 What You Need to Know about Violating a Texas Protective Order If you have been charged with violating a protective order in Texas, you could face significant penalties. Feb 7 Aug 30 Sep 20 Sep 7 May 4 Jan 12 Oct 17 Get a Second Chance with the First Time Drug Offenders Program A drug conviction can negatively impact all aspects of your life and leave a permanent mark on your criminal record.

Mar 16 Theft Defense Strategies: How to Fight Back against Texas Charges If you are facing theft charges in Texas, there are many defenses a qualified attorney may be able to use to fight your charges. Dec 22 How to Fight Texas Drug Possession Charges Texas has some of the harshest penalties in the nation for drug possession.

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Aug 16 Aug 13 Sep 14 Aug 25 Texas Drunk Driving Penalties 13th Strictest in the Nation As a Texas resident, you should be aware that the Lone Star State has some of the harshest drunk driving penalties in the nation, ranking 13th overall. Sep 28 Oct 26 What Help You Can Expect from Tarrant County Diversion Programs If you are charged with a crime, you probably expect the consequences to include jail, probation, expensive fines, a major disruption to your life, or a combination of all those things.

May 17 Oct 13 Apr 26 Types of Felony Charges and Penalties in Texas Texas law categorizes crimes as misdemeanors or felonies, then breaks each of those categories up into various levels of charges. Apr 13 Nov 24 Jun 29 How Serious are Fraud Penalties in Texas?

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Jan 5 Dec 28 Oct 4 Jan 17 Penalties You Face for Violating Your Probation in Tarrant County Although there is much debate surrounding current probationary conditions and whether they are individualized enough to be effective for those re-entering the community, one thing is certain — every convicted felon in the Tarrant County Community Supervision program who violates their terms of probation becomes subject to additional penalties. Jul 26 Nov 30 Common Reasons Texans are Charged with Violating Their Probation Probation is often offered as an alternative to a jail sentence, or in combination with a much shorter jail sentence than you would otherwise face.

Aug 24 Jan 25 Dec 14 Feb 18 Nov 8 Nov 26 Jun 21 Family Violence vs. Mar 2 Apr 5 Defense Strategies That Can Help with Texas Drug Trafficking Charges If you are facing drug trafficking charges in Texas, there are a number of defense strategies that a skilled attorney will know how to employ if they are right for your specific circumstances. Mar 8 Jan 10 Apr 22 How Serious are the Penalties for Theft in Texas?

Dec 8 What It Means to Face a Texas Minor in Possession Charge If you or your child are facing a minor in possession charge in Texas, you need to understand what the law says and what penalties are associated with a conviction. Mar 29 Jul 13 Why You Should Never Take a Texas Field Sobriety Test If you are pulled over while you are driving, you may face searches or tests to make sure you are not driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Dec 6 Oct 15 Jul 19 Oct 25 Jun 3 May 8 Texas DWI Charge? Sep 13 Sep 27 Jul 3 Strategies Lawyers Use to Fight Texas Sexual Assault Charges Sexual assault, commonly known as rape, is a quite-serious offense that can lead to decades of jail time, and potentially even life in prison for repeat offenders or extreme cases. Nov 14 How Texans Should Respond to Accusations of Shoplifting Being accused of shoplifting can be all kinds of things: embarrassing, scary, frustrating, insulting, confusing.

May 23 Penalties Associated with Texas Drug Possession Charges If you are facing drug possession charges in Texas, you need to know the penalties you may be facing. Dec 11 Everything You Need to Know about Computer Crimes in Texas Computers give us the ability to find an infinite amount of information with a single click. Dec 21 Aug 27 Jan 4 Jan 23 Oct 12 Voting in Texas: How to Avoid Unintentional Fraud Charges With the election right around the corner, law enforcement officials are going to have their eyes peeled for any signs of possible voting fraud.

Nov 29 Dec 27 Get Convicted of a Texas Drug Crime, Face Deportation Within days of his inauguration, the President had already drawn up and signed an executive order to strengthen the enforcement of U. Feb 22 Feb 15 Mar 22 Mar 17 From Juvenile Crime to Adult Court in Texas — How It Works When someone is accused of a juvenile crime, there are certain instances in which the case can be transferred to an adult court. Apr 25 Apr 12 What You Should Know about Felony Domestic Violence in Texas In the past, many domestic violence charges could be — and often were — dropped altogether.

Feb 8 Jun 5 Texas Forgery Charges? The officers were "familiar" with Neely, and he had been warned about trespassing, the statement said. He was led on the rope about two blocks to "where the Mounted Patrol Unit was staging from. The method of handcuffing someone and escorting them between two mounted officers is usually used in volatile situations, like crowd control.

Bell said she applauded Hale's "swift action" in discontinuing the practice. But she added that "questions about transparency, community policing in the community, and accountability still remain. There are also concerns about arrest procedures for persons who are known by the police department, as having mental issues. Bell said she would soon invite law enforcement leaders to a town hall meeting so they could face the concerns of community members.

Impeachment Inquiry Politics U. In the Australian state of New South Wales , the power to arrest is granted to anyone who is not a police officer by s.

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Under the Act, a person may, without a warrant , arrest another person if:. Section of the Act allows the use of such force as is "reasonably necessary to make the arrest or to prevent the escape of the person after arrest". A person who arrests another person under s.

The magistrate will also decide whether or not the force applied in making the arrest was reasonable under the circumstances. In the Australian state of Queensland , the power to arrest is granted by s. The power to arrest in Queensland also allows for arrest on suspicion of an offence:. If the offence has been actually committed--it is lawful for any person who believes on reasonable ground that another person has committed the offence to arrest that person without warrant, whether that other person has committed the offence or not.

It is lawful for any person who witnesses a breach of the peace to interfere to prevent the continuance or renewal of it, and to use such force as is reasonably necessary for such prevention and is reasonably proportioned to the danger to be apprehended from such continuance or renewal, and to detain any person who is committing or who is about to join in or to renew the breach of the peace for such time as may be reasonably necessary in order to give the person into the custody of a police officer. Under the Police Offences Act Tasmania , section 55 3 , any person may arrest any other person whom they find committing an offence, where they have reasonable grounds to believe that the conduct will create or may involve substantial injury to another person, serious danger of such injury, loss of property or serious injury to property.

Section 55 5 states "For the purposes of this section, a person is said to be 'found offending' if he does any act, or makes any omission, or conducts or behaves himself, and thereby causes a person who finds him reasonable grounds for believing that he has, in respect of such act, omission, or conduct, committed an offence against this Act. It was only in that the Western Australian parliament repealed the provisions of the former section 47 of the Police Act which allowed any person to arrest without a warrant "any reputed common prostitute , thief , loose, idle or disorderly person , who, within view of such person apprehending, shall offend against this Act, and shall forthwith deliver him to any constable or police officer of the place where he shall have been apprehended, to be taken and conveyed before a Justice, to be dealt with according to law …" A private citizen would have found it rather difficult to interpret the terms "loose" or "idle" with any degree of legal certainty.

Generally speaking, as regards the law in Australia: where it is clear on the evidence that a private citizen, or security officer , in detaining a suspect, acted reasonably and the suspect unreasonably, then it is likely that the court will find in favour of the citizen or security officer and against the suspect if that suspect chooses, later, to sue the citizen for assault or false imprisonment.