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We give the work of guessing to him, not us. Ramesh Sethi, wants to eliminate the guesswork.

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Until the Act was passed, Sethi estimates only 30 to 40 birth certificates were being issued daily in Malawi. Currently, certificates are issued each day since passage of the Act. This is still only a fraction of the estimated births occurring daily in Malawi. Sethi anticipates the results of the registration will cause a surge in the size of the birth registration database in Malawi, that will also be a key for the success of the national ID system. I will analyse the database so that I can use that to print the birth certificates.

His analysis will focus on linking children with parents so that family units can be identified, and once he is confident with those linkages, his office will issue certificates. He expects the scale to be significant. How much it comes down depends on time it takes me to analyze and the resources available. The upgrading of the birth database also means vital statistics, birth and death, can be merged with the ID data for those 16 and above.

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The result is a population register. Most countries rely on census data for providing population data. Sethi explains that census data only gives a snapshot of a population every 10 years, from which projections are then made. The population register is dynamic and more accurate because it functions in real-time, reflecting changes in birth, death, and registration for the ID.

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Birth certificates for births in another California County can be obtained by contact the local health jurisdiction where the birth occurred or the CDPH Office of Vital Records. We close early at pm on the workdays before December 25 th and December 31 st and on four additional Fridays for staff development and training. Please call our office to verify office hours.

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