Restore right to carry gun after florida felony conviction

Call the Law Office of David M. Goldman, PLLC today for a consultation. The Specific Authority to Own, Possess, or Use Firearms restores to Applicants the right to own, possess, or use firearms, which were lost as a result of a felony conviction. The Clemency Board will not consider requests for firearm authority from individuals convicted in federal, military, or out-of-state courts. Applicants must have completed all sentences imposed for the most recent felony conviction and all conditions of supervision imposed have been expired or been completed, including but not limited to parole, probation, community control, control release, and conditional release, for a period of no less than eight 8 years.

Consular security official licenses shall be valid for 1 year and may be renewed upon completion of the application process as provided in this section. The licensee must renew his or her license on or before the expiration date by filing with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services the renewal form containing an affidavit submitted under oath and under penalty of perjury stating that the licensee remains qualified pursuant to the criteria specified in subsections 2 and 3 , a color photograph as specified in paragraph 5 e , and the required renewal fee.

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Out-of-state residents must also submit a complete set of fingerprints and fingerprint processing fee. The license shall be renewed upon receipt of the completed renewal form, color photograph, appropriate payment of fees, and, if applicable, fingerprints.

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A license may not be renewed days or more after its expiration date, and such a license is deemed to be permanently expired. A person whose license has been permanently expired may reapply for licensure; however, an application for licensure and fees under subsection 5 must be submitted, and a background investigation shall be conducted pursuant to this section. A person who knowingly files false information under this subsection is subject to criminal prosecution under s. If the license renewal requirements in paragraph a are met within the day extension period, the servicemember may not be charged any additional costs, such as, but not limited to, late fees or delinquency fees, above the normal license fees.

Any place of nuisance as defined in s. Any police, sheriff, or highway patrol station;. Any detention facility, prison, or jail;. Any courthouse;. Any courtroom, except that nothing in this section would preclude a judge from carrying a concealed weapon or determining who will carry a concealed weapon in his or her courtroom;. Any polling place;. Any meeting of the governing body of a county, public school district, municipality, or special district;. Any meeting of the Legislature or a committee thereof;.

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Any school, college, or professional athletic event not related to firearms;. Any elementary or secondary school facility or administration building;. Any career center;. Any portion of an establishment licensed to dispense alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises, which portion of the establishment is primarily devoted to such purpose;.

Any college or university facility unless the licensee is a registered student, employee, or faculty member of such college or university and the weapon is a stun gun or nonlethal electric weapon or device designed solely for defensive purposes and the weapon does not fire a dart or projectile;. The inside of the passenger terminal and sterile area of any airport, provided that no person shall be prohibited from carrying any legal firearm into the terminal, which firearm is encased for shipment for purposes of checking such firearm as baggage to be lawfully transported on any aircraft; or.

Any place where the carrying of firearms is prohibited by federal law. All revenues collected, less those costs determined by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to be nonrecurring or one-time costs, shall be deferred over the 7-year licensure period. Notwithstanding the provisions of s. The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services shall implement and administer the provisions of this section.

The Legislature does not delegate to the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services the authority to regulate or restrict the issuing of licenses provided for in this section, beyond those provisions contained in this section. Subjective or arbitrary actions or rules which encumber the issuing process by placing burdens on the applicant beyond those sworn statements and specified documents detailed in this section or which create restrictions beyond those specified in this section are in conflict with the intent of this section and are prohibited.

This section shall be liberally construed to carry out the constitutional right to bear arms for self-defense. This section is supplemental and additional to existing rights to bear arms, and nothing in this section shall impair or diminish such rights. I of the State Constitution. This exemption applies to such information held by the division before, on, or after the effective date of this section. This exemption applies to such information held by the tax collector before, on, or after the effective date of this subsection. The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services shall issue a license to carry a concealed weapon or firearm to any such justice or judge upon demonstration of competence of the justice or judge pursuant to s.

Charges for fingerprint services under this subsection are not subject to the sales tax on fingerprint services imposed in s. VIII of the State Constitution, to accept applications on behalf of the division for concealed weapon or firearm licenses. Such appointment shall be for specified locations that will best serve the public interest and convenience in applying for these licenses.

A violation of this paragraph is subject to s. Obtained a completed form from the potential buyer or transferee, which form shall have been promulgated by the Department of Law Enforcement and provided by the licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, or licensed dealer, which shall include the name, date of birth, gender, race, and social security number or other identification number of such potential buyer or transferee and has inspected proper identification including an identification containing a photograph of the potential buyer or transferee.

Collected a fee from the potential buyer for processing the criminal history check of the potential buyer. The Department of Law Enforcement may reduce, or suspend collection of, the fee to reflect payment received from the Federal Government applied to the cost of maintaining the criminal history check system established by this section as a means of facilitating or supplementing the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

The Department of Law Enforcement shall, by rule, establish procedures for the fees to be transmitted by the licensee to the Department of Law Enforcement.

Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon in Florida

Such procedures must provide that fees may be paid or transmitted by electronic means, including, but not limited to, debit cards, credit cards, or electronic funds transfers. All such fees shall be deposited into the Department of Law Enforcement Operating Trust Fund, but shall be segregated from all other funds deposited into such trust fund and must be accounted for separately.

Such segregated funds must not be used for any purpose other than the operation of the criminal history checks required by this section. The Department of Law Enforcement, each year before February 1, shall make a full accounting of all receipts and expenditures of such funds to the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the majority and minority leaders of each house of the Legislature, and the chairs of the appropriations committees of each house of the Legislature.

Possession of a Firearm by Convicted Felon in Florida

Requested, by means of a toll-free telephone call or other electronic means, the Department of Law Enforcement to conduct a check of the information as reported and reflected in the Florida Crime Information Center and National Crime Information Center systems as of the date of the request. Received a unique approval number for that inquiry from the Department of Law Enforcement, and recorded the date and such number on the consent form. Has been convicted of a felony and is prohibited from receipt or possession of a firearm pursuant to s.

Has been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence, and therefore is prohibited from purchasing a firearm;. Has had adjudication of guilt withheld or imposition of sentence suspended on any felony or misdemeanor crime of domestic violence unless 3 years have elapsed since probation or any other conditions set by the court have been fulfilled or expunction has occurred; or.

Has been adjudicated mentally defective or has been committed to a mental institution by a court or as provided in sub-sub-subparagraph b. II , and as a result is prohibited by state or federal law from purchasing a firearm. The phrase includes a judicial finding of incapacity under s.

The phrase includes involuntary inpatient placement as defined in s. II , reviewed the record of the finding, certification, notice, and written acknowledgment classifying the person as an imminent danger to himself or herself or others, and ordered that such record be submitted to the department.

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In order to check for these conditions, the department shall compile and maintain an automated database of persons who are prohibited from purchasing a firearm based on court records of adjudications of mental defectiveness or commitments to mental institutions. Reports shall be submitted in an automated format. The reports must, at a minimum, include the name, along with any known alias or former name, the sex, and the date of birth of the subject.

No fee shall be charged for the filing under this sub-sub-subparagraph. The clerk must present the records to a judge or magistrate within 24 hours after receipt of the records. A judge or magistrate is required and has the lawful authority to review the records ex parte and, if the judge or magistrate determines that the record supports the classifying of the person as an imminent danger to himself or herself or others, to order that the record be submitted to the department.

If a judge or magistrate orders the submittal of the record to the department, the record must be submitted to the department within 24 hours. A person who has been adjudicated mentally defective or committed to a mental institution, as those terms are defined in this paragraph, may petition the court that made the adjudication or commitment, or the court that ordered that the record be submitted to the department pursuant to sub-sub-subparagraph c. II , for relief from the firearm disabilities imposed by such adjudication or commitment.

A copy of the petition shall be served on the state attorney for the county in which the person was adjudicated or committed. The state attorney may object to and present evidence relevant to the relief sought by the petition. The hearing on the petition may be open or closed as the petitioner may choose. The petitioner may present evidence and subpoena witnesses to appear at the hearing on the petition. The petitioner may confront and cross-examine witnesses called by the state attorney. A record of the hearing shall be made by a certified court reporter or by court-approved electronic means.

The court shall make written findings of fact and conclusions of law on the issues before it and issue a final order. If the final order denies relief, the petitioner may not petition again for relief from firearm disabilities until 1 year after the date of the final order. The petitioner may seek judicial review of a final order denying relief in the district court of appeal having jurisdiction over the court that issued the order. The review shall be conducted de novo. Relief from a firearm disability granted under this sub-subparagraph has no effect on the loss of civil rights, including firearm rights, for any reason other than the particular adjudication of mental defectiveness or commitment to a mental institution from which relief is granted.

Upon receipt of proper notice of relief from firearm disabilities granted under sub-subparagraph d. The department is authorized to disclose data collected pursuant to this subparagraph to agencies of the Federal Government and other states for use exclusively in determining the lawfulness of a firearm sale or transfer. The department is also authorized to disclose this data to the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for purposes of determining eligibility for issuance of a concealed weapons or concealed firearms license and for determining whether a basis exists for revoking or suspending a previously issued license pursuant to s.

When a potential buyer or transferee appeals a nonapproval based on these records, the clerks of court and mental institutions shall, upon request by the department, provide information to help determine whether the potential buyer or transferee is the same person as the subject of the record. Photographs and any other data that could confirm or negate identity must be made available to the department for such purposes, notwithstanding any other provision of state law to the contrary.

Any such information that is made confidential or exempt from disclosure by law shall retain such confidential or exempt status when transferred to the department. Review any records available to it to determine whether the potential buyer or transferee has been indicted or has had an information filed against her or him for an offense that is a felony under either state or federal law, or, as mandated by federal law, has had an injunction for protection against domestic violence entered against the potential buyer or transferee under s.

Criminal anarchy under ss. Extortion under s.

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Explosives violations under s. Controlled substances violations under chapter Resisting an officer with violence under s. Weapons and firearms violations under this chapter. Treason under s. Assisting self-murder under s. Sabotage under s. Stalking or aggravated stalking under s. Within 24 working hours, the department shall determine the disposition of the indictment, information, or arrest and inform the licensee as to whether the potential buyer is prohibited from receiving or possessing a firearm.