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Thank you to the New Jersey State Archives and their executive director Joseph Klett for their help tracking down records for this project. Thank you to the Internet Archive for providing free web hosting for the more than , images of the death index. The New Jersey Death Index A free searchable database of 1,, deaths in the state of New Jersey between , and over , free digitized images of the death index for the years , , and Start Your Free Search. A new project from using data from and. Search Database for Deaths Given Name. Year of Birth Between.

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Age at Death Between. Place of Birth information only available for deaths after Search Clear. Database Tips and Tricks All fields are optional, only fill out as much as you know.

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    Data usage This data is in the public domain. Skip to Main Content. Sign In. Office of Vital Statistics The Office of Vital Statistics is a division within the Health Department responsible for the maintenance, and recording of marriages, civil unions, domestic partnerships, births, and deaths that take place within the township. Proof of identity must be provided. The office is open: Monday - Friday a. Proof of residency.

    They must be dated within six months of request. If you are placing your request by U. Wood Street, P. Please do not mail in cash! Processing Times: Please allow four 4 business days from the time your application is received by the City of Vineland. To check the status of your request after four 4 business days you may call How to request a correction of a vital record?

    The Local Registrar may process correction requests for vital record events that occurred within their municipality. In some cases, these corrections must be authorized by the State Bureau of Vital Statistics and Registration before issuing corrected certified copies of the record. Beginning July 1, , New Jersey residents born in Puerto Rico will have to obtain a new certified copy of their birth certificate under a new law passed by the government of Puerto Rico. The new law was based on collaboration with the U. Department of State and the U.