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Custody levels at Hutchins State Jail range from J-1 minimum jail level to J-5 maximum jail level and also include G1, G2 state prison minimum custody levels , and transient offenders. The maximum capacity of Hutchins State Jail is 2, male inmates.

Inmates incarcerated at the Hutchins State Jail may participate in literacy courses designed to teach an inmate to read. Additional educational opportunities for offenders include adult basic education and the ability to earn a GED. The result has been far from what lawmakers imagined 25 years ago: For offenders released from state jail in , the rearrest rate was 63 percent, compared to 45 percent for all offenders released from prison, according to the Legislative Budget Board.

Experts say this is largely a result of the lack of community supervision offered after release. The reality is further complicated by what is known as a The But Doug Smith, senior policy analyst for the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition, said the reality can be a little more complicated than that. For someone convicted of a state jail felony, community supervision can last up to five years. Smith said there are barriers to probation — court costs, child care, drug screens, keeping a job and attending required classes — that make serving a shorter sentence easier, especially for poor defendants.

More women are jailed in Texas, even though arrests have dropped. Why?

In their interim reports, lawmakers pointed to a number of possible solutions to the state jail problem, including abolishing the But during the interim, lawmakers consistently turned to local programs to serve as models for the rest of the state. Harris County implemented one such program in October by consolidating its low-level drug convictions into one court docket.

The court diverts first-time offenders from traditional criminal justice processing and into rehabilitative services. Repeat offenders are given the opportunity to serve their sentences through deferred adjudication, a type of probation that allows a conviction to be dropped if the individual completes the program. Select the Free Offender Search tool 3. Enter the name or offender search number 4.

View Texas inmate results. How do I locate my son?

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He was transferred on Monday to TDC. If you visit the Texas Department of Corrections website you can use their Offender Search and search for inmates by first and last name as well as TDC number.

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If you cannot locate your son then you might want to contact the Texas DOC directly. We do not show where Teddy Hunt was relocated. If he is currently incarcerated by the state of Texas then you can reach out to the Texas Department of Corrections website and use their Free Texas Inmate Finder.


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With the Texas Department of Corrections offender search you can also lookup inmates by first and last name. If you still cannot find results then you might consider contacting them directly. Below is the TDCJ phone number for your convenience. You can use their Free Texas Offender Search or contact them by email at classify tdcj.


Locating recently released federal bop inmate into Texas Dept criminal justice but current number unknown fed I would like to find kiane reeves.. He was at our house all the time it was lik he was at our house all the tone with our boys. I want to do is write him know that people do care.. There you can look him up by his name or Texas DOC number.

Then you will verify the correct person, many times there are multiple people with the same first and last name, and view mugshots or identifiable body tattoos and then obtain contact information via mail, if possible. Find out more by clicking on this link to the Texas DOC website.

What is the difference between state jail and county jail in Texas?

I would like to know his address to send him letters plz and thanks. There you can use their Free Texas Inmate Finder aka. There are many listings for Miguel Rosa, it is a common name. Since Jan 10th we have not heard or found him. Your best option would be to contact the Texas Department of Corrections.

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Texas Prison Stories: Your first day in jail don't fall for this one!!

To contact your brother in a Texas state prison you can reach out to the T exas Department of Criminal Justice and use their TX offender search to find your brother. If you have their TDOC number then you can reach them via phone or mail.