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When you arrive, ask the Library Attendant where the "Vault" films you ordered have been placed. You can also order and use copies of most microfilm and microfiche records at a local Family History Center, for a small handling fee. There are over 3, Family History Centers located throughout the world. This database is based on a series of key word searches of the FHLC.

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As you search this database, be creative. Search for both the English and foreign words.

Use word combinations and localities to find the materials you want. Be imaginative in selecting your search words. Become familiar with the catalog terms.

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You can search using English or Foreign words or a combination of both. Combine words with similar meanings. Use alternate words that have the same meaning. The localities are presented in order of jurisdiction, from largest to smallest, e.

Country, then Province, then Town. For some entries, there are many microfiche or rolls of microfilm. In some cases this database gives only the range of microfilm or fiche numbers the first and last number in the set. You can get the detailed, complete listing of microfilm numbers from the FHLC.

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Mother's First Names. Mother's Last Names. Other Person's First Names. Other Person's Last Names. Batch Number.

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Film Number. Serial or Sheet Number. Match all terms exactly. Thank you, Guy! As it turns out, I have done searches through the Family Search website. Sorry to say I didn't have much luck before, but now will try again. Pam it was nice of you to reply to my post, thank you I will try the Family Search again, as I did not have much luck with my original search, but perhaps I have more accurate info at this date.

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Thank you again, Michele. When you go to the Family Search website, the two most useful tools for general research are the IGI and the censuses for UK research, the is the one available. You will see the options on the left to select which particular part of the Family Search site you wish to use, so it is easy to select the IGI or censuses. If you don't choose specifically, you tend to get a lot of stuff - most of which is probably not as useful as the IGI and census.

As you play with the IGI, you will quickly discover that certain things must be included, others are optional - and these required items vary a little depending on the search you are doing.

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Bear in mind that the IGI records vary as Guy has mentioned. Extracted records are usually good - but transcription errors can creep in, so try variations of names if you think your ancestor should be there but you can't find them. Just be cautious with some of the data on there. Each record has a batch code.