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I got 'number withheld' calls blocked for landlines, don't know about mobiles though. Just reject the call?


Or ignore it? If they can't get through to speak to her, they'll soon get bored. Energize Caporegime Joined: Mar 12, Posts: 27, Better yet forward all witheld calls to the police station Being able to withhold your number is stupid as the only possible use for it is pranks and threats, who knows what complete idiot came up with the idea. But there is no reason anyone would want to withold their number other than to prank or harass someone, I doubt it has ever been used legitimatley.

I have my caller ID info blocked.

How can I trace a withheld number from my giffgaff mobile? I have had a number of disturbing calls.

And I have never made a prank or harassing phone call. I just prefer not to have everyone I call instantly know before they pickup who I am. It's just like I dont advertise on here my exact home address. Nor my phone number. If I wanted everyone and thier little brother to know what my phone number was, I'd have it tatooed to my forehead. It's a matter of privacy for me. Hmmm why not just ignore the call?? If i get any withheld or private numbers i do not pick up the phone simple as that, if its important then they can bloody well leave me a voicemail.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. The last time I had one of the "Your computer is full of viruses" calls the number read back on was Seems legit.

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  5. In regards to blocking international calls, I've always been advised to let people know that a lot of the call features Such as anonymous caller reject and choose to refuse unfortunately don't always block out the international numbers, however I'm lead to believe that the BT Nuisance call blocker phones BT, BT? Message 3 of 9. Posts: 1, Thanks: Why even bother to answer the calls, unless you are bored and want to wind them up?

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    Message 4 of 9. Thanks: 4. Well, believe it or not, some of us actually get calls from abroad! Geoff, York.

    How to Track Incoming & Outgoing Calls on a Cell Phone : Keeping Up With Technology

    Message 5 of 9. As mentioned in a post by HarryB get yourself a BT call blocker telephone, i have one and can assure you it is well worth the cost. The only calls that come straight through are the numbers in the contacts, everything else is blocked. If somebody does want to speak to you they have to announce who they are and press the hash key. As all the junk calls probably know you will block them anyway they just hang up and as a lot of these calls are automatic they never come through.

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    Tracing Withheld Numbers

    Fixes: 6. Speak next time and see if you can find out whos calling you. The other option is have all withheld numbers blocked on your line, your service provider should be able to do this. BT definitely can.

    Edited by: "Argoj" 3rd Jun Best thing to do , buy a new phone that has in built features that will stop these calling from ringing your phone. Your phone will still get a call even if your ex directly as numbers can be generated by computerized dialers , but phones such as the BT will stop overseas caller ,withheld numbers , etc.

    The phone displays a call but does not make the phone ring. NO overseas calls get through , I get the occasional PPi message left on the answerphone but that's all. Post a comment. Bold Deleted Italic Text. Bold Deleted Italic. Notify me when there are any replies. Submit Comment. Do you have what it takes to be a community VIP? Win some hotukdeals goodies every month! Black Friday - When is it? What retailers are expected to take part?

    Discover how to stop nuisance calls with BT's home phone | BT

    Our predictions and how to find the deals YOU want. How do I sell to CEX ianshona. Text from Paym - "Somebody tried to send you money Any idea what it means?