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Participants must adhere to all HPS employment policies and procedures, including but not limited to absence from work. Students may not work more than 19 hours per week. Due to nearly continuous changes in the tax laws, participants may wish to consult with a tax advisor regarding the potential tax implications of participating in the GYOT Program. Participants who fail to maintain Program eligibility through the Program End Date or who leave the Program prior to the Program End Date for any reason other than involuntary separation will be considered to have failed to complete the Service Period and thus to have defaulted under Program requirements.

In such event, Program reimbursements to Participants shall be considered a loan to Participants, and all financial benefits provided for tuition or related cost reimbursements shall be repaid according to the following schedule:. We are looking for talented and dedicated teachers to join Harmony Public Schools.

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Please read the steps carefully to learn more about our eligibility criteria, nomination window, and stipend payment. Throughout the year Harmony Public Schools continuously seeks high-quality applicants to fill a wide range of positions available at our 56 campuses and many departments.

We encourage you to explore the Job Seekers section of the website to learn more information about career opportunities and the benefits of working in Harmony Public Schools. Click Here to see the Teacher Salary Schedule.

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Continuous efforts are made throughout the year to recognize employees who make an extra effort to contribute to the success of Harmony Public Schools at the end of each semester. Teacher Appreciation Week is a special week for the recognition of teachers, and may include celebrations to honor them for their special contributions in the community in general.

This week is set aside to show respect for the teaching profession in general. It focuses on understanding how difficult it is to deal with young people who have very different minds, sometimes complicated personal lives and backgrounds. This week will give attention to the fact that teachers work without cessation to help children reach academic milestones, develop awareness of different cultures and cultivate personal knowledge. It is the responsibility of Harmony Public Schools to have a well organized Teacher Appreciation Week for all staff members.

Traveling is the best educational experience. Nothing in a classroom can compare with actually seeing the world. Traveling abroad can have beneficial outcomes for employees who get the privilege. It gives staff a different perspective and a better understanding of history. It shows diversity, differences in languages and gives people insight to the rest of the world around them. Visiting a different country, learning about contrasting ways of living and thinking, and perhaps integrating these experiences into their own value systems.

Before submitting the form please fill it out thoroughly, provide accurate dates and select a method of delivery. You must fill out our online form, sign it, and request that original service records be sent by mail, email, or fax. The HR team works diligently to send your request as soon as possible.

Please be aware that processing times vary. Upon receipt of your request, an email will be sent letting you know the estimated processing time. To request Bereavement leave, an employee must complete an Employee Request For Leave Form and submit this to leave harmonytx.

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To request Emergency leave, an employee must complete an Employee Request For Leave Form as well as provide documentation of the natural disaster and submit this to leave harmonytx. Documentation for any of the above leave types may also be faxed or mailed to:. Should you have any questions regarding leaves, please email the Human Resources Department at leave harmonytx.

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For your convenience we will be hosting the job fairs at several locations and on different dates. If the area nearest you doesn't appear below, no fairs have been scheduled yet: check back often! Your future begins here! Pooled vs. Posted Positions Pooled Positions are positions which are accepting applications year around, this includes teachers, paraprofessionals, and substitutes.

Posted positions are created as they become available, this includes administration and professional positions. Current openings Upcoming Job Fairs. Grow Your Own Teacher. What Financial Assistance will I receive? Applicants must provide all the requested information above and may go through a rigorous selection process What will I be teaching?

What support can I expect throughout the program?

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  • To find a campus near you Enter Zipcode:. Welcome to the GYOT program! Why should I be interested in this program? Professional Development Selected candidates will receive comprehensive professional development to prepare them to begin teaching on Day 1. Networking Opportunities Participants will have access to Harmony network throughout Texas as well as access to local Harmony campuses. One-on-One coaching Each participant will be assigned to a highly qualified mentor who will provide guidance and support throughout duration of the program—allowing participant to learn invaluable lessons from an experienced and successful participant.

    You are Harmony!

    What are the requirements? What will I be teaching? What supports can I expect throughout the program? I have several hours of college credit.

    Teacher Pay Scale

    May I apply? What happens if I do not complete my degree or I am no longer interested in teaching? I did not graduate from Harmony Public Schools. Am I eligible? What happens at the conclusion of my teaching commitment? Candidate Profile HPS evaluates candidates holistically but note that there is a minimum 3. For all applicants, we will reviewing the following: Class Rank Strong GPA Rigorous Coursework Extracurricular involvement, work experience, and leadership roles Deep desire to give back to community through education Willingness to learn and work hard Communication skills Recommendation letters Application Essay Application Completeness — all information is submitted in a timely and correct manner GYOT Application Scoring Rubric.

    Why did you join GYOT program? How has GYOT experienced shaped your professional career? App Hosting. Administrative Office Hours - Monday - Friday. Site Translator. Some files on this web site may require Adobe Acrobat Reader - download free. Close Subscribe. All Rights Reserved. Please wait Loading Failed. Forgot Password? This must be done through Active Directory, by your IT team. In Texas, science and math teachers will have more job opportunities because of teacher shortages, according to Education Week.

    Jobs for technology, English and social studies teachers are also expected to increase during the next 20 years. Skip to main content. How to Qualify A teacher in Texas needs at least a bachelor's degree in education, according to the Texas Education Agency, which includes anyone who teaches students from kindergarten to the 12th grade. Shortage Stipends Teachers in Texas can earn annual bonuses or stipends for teaching subjects where teacher shortages exist.

    Average Job Outlook The U. Accessed 07 November