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The end of a marriage does not have to be incredibly stressful and complicated.

Cleveland, Ohio Divorce & Dissolution Lawyer

If a couple can agree on all the issues, a dissolution will allow them to end their ties in an amicable manner at a reasonable cost. Divorce litigation can leave a lasting bitterness that makes it harder to move on with your life.

It also wastes the resources both parties need for the future to set up their own households. In a contested divorce , you are also putting the court in charge of the important decisions that must be made regarding property, child support and custody.

Uncontested Divorce in Ohio | Ohio Divorce Online

A dissolution allows you and your spouse — not a stranger — to decide what arrangements are best for your family. You can avoid the damaging effects of a conflict-filled divorce on your children.

You save money, which preserves what you have worked so hard to achieve in life. You also retain a sense of privacy because you are not required to expose all your personal information about your relationship and your finances to the court.

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In addition, a dissolution allows both parties to move on with their lives quickly. In many cases, a family law attorney offers the perfect perspective to ensure that each individual reaches the most favorable outcome through an extremely difficult time.

Save Time And Money With An Uncontested Divorce

Sometimes, family law cases also reach beyond the immediate family. Especially in the case of child custody, relatives such as siblings, grandparents, aunts, and uncles may be called to step in.

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Once the guardian is appointed, they will be responsible for the following, according to the Ohio Attorney General:. Even this brief overview shows how even a small family of three can quickly affect extended family members long-term. Ultimately, the goal is for every person in a family-like relationship — including partners, spouses, children, siblings, and grandparents — are protected.

A More Amicable Approach To Divorce

That is precisely what a family law attorney is hired to do. Attorney Sherry Naegele has been practicing law in the state of Ohio since Contact her today to get started. Fighting for your Family. Family Law. Family Law: Protecting the Individual While there are many areas that fall under the family law umbrella, they all share a common goal: To protect each individual within the unit of a family.

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Whether that divorce is filed as fault or no-fault, both spouses deserve protection both physically and emotionally.