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The cheaper model requires you to press and hold a button to power it on, which is slightly less convenient. Use the second slot to charge your phone on long trips. You can still use a Bluetooth FM transmitter, which grabs audio from your phone and creates a short-range broadcast for your car radio.

The car charger also has a spare USB slot in case your phone needs a boost. The real magic happens when you create a rule to launch Android Auto when it connects to the car via Bluetooth. Launch the Android Auto app, then press the menu button in the top-left corner and select Settings. To make your phone feel a bit more like an actual infotainment system, you can run Android Auto in landscape mode.

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Download the app, then follow these steps:. Finally, you can prevent the phone from feeding audio to the car at low volumes with the free Bluetooth Volume Control app.

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Android Auto is essentially a special version of the Android interface, with larger buttons, simplified menu items, and fewer distractions. This works with all Google Assistant actions, so you can even dictate to-do list items, add calendar appointments, and turn down the thermostat at home. One more thing: To curb distracted driving, Android Auto hides all notifications except phone calls and texts from supported messaging apps. For the latter, Google will only offer to speak the message instead of showing it onscreen. You can then respond by voice or with a canned message, created through the Settings menu.

How to set up Android Auto in any car

But if not, tap the circle icon, then press Exit to return to your regular phone interface. Jared Newman covers personal technology from his remote Cincinnati outpost.

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Battle of the BEST Android 8 Car Stereos - DSP vs NO DSP UNit !

If you fancy a new sound system in your car, you can rely on Halfords to get the job done! We can swap your factory-installed car stereo and replace it with an after-market stereo from our wide range, including replacement fascia plates to complete the look! You can book an installation when you check out online, or contact your local store.

All of our car stereos come with a fully fitted option, so when you buy your stereo you've got the option to get everything fully fitted as part of the total price. This will vary on the purchase price of the stereo itself. Along with the fitting, we'll also give you a full demonstration, so you know exactly how to use your new stereo system. We guarantee a secure and reliable fit for 12 months after we've installed your new audio system, so if anything does goes wrong, we'll happily fix it for you. Our car audio experts have completed hundreds of thousands of installations and are fully certified too, so your car will be in safe hands!.

If you're buying your stereo in-store, speak to one of our car audio experts who'll be more than willing to help you out!. All you need to do is:.

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At Halfords, we can provide as much free help and advice about in-car technology as you need. Something caught your eye?

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