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How to Get a Copy of a Birth Certificate

A birth verification is a letter that states whether or not a birth was registered with the State of Louisiana. It typically takes two to four months to receive your child's social security number if you apply for it on your child's birth certificate request form. Please call them in advance at to find out what documents will be needed when you apply.

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You may also visit the Social Security Administration for additional information. There may be a fee to make changes. By mail to the address listed on the birth certificate.

If someone other than the parents is picking up the birth verification: One of the parents must either obtain or have an authorization form faxed to them from the Health Information Management Department. The form must be completed and signed by a parent listed on the birth certificate.

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The person picking up the birth verification must present a picture ID. The Baton Rouge office is located at: Bankers Avenue Baton Rouge, LA Please call them in advance at to find out what documents will be needed when you apply. Safe Sleep 2 out of 3 babies who die while sleeping share an adult bed, couch or chair. No publication is required.

Where to Write for Vital Records - Louisiana

Individuals who have a felony conviction may change their name once the sentence has been satisfied, with the exception that individuals who have a felony conviction for a violent crime are not permitted to change their name. You can access that document here:. To change the name, a court order certifying the name change.

A baby’s birth certificate is their first official document.

Have your physician sign the form, then bring it to the Office of Motor Vehicles. Once the court order is approved a copy of the judgment for a new certificate will be sent to the state registrar of vital records at New Orleans within ten days.

A new birth certificate shall be issued and the old one shall be kept under seal. After obtaining a court ordered gender change, to apply for an updated birth certificate applicant should submit:.