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The most important and most often avoided stage in building a website is to sit down and figure out what exactly you want from your real estate IDX website. While this might seem obvious at first leads!! So take ten minutes and sit down and write out what you want from your IDX website. What would you like to offer your site visitors that will turn them into leads? Just take a few minutes to outline the big stuff before you commit to anything.

Before you even think about building a page for your website, you need to set up an account with a web hosting company. A web hosting company will provide a home for your website online and ensure it always loads quickly and reliably from any device. You also get five email addresses for you, your team, and maybe a few ISAs all for less than the price of a cup of coffee per month.

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Your domain name is your own private slice of online real estate. Why not buy out the.

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Luckily, choosing a great domain name is pretty easy. Be independent. Generally speaking,. You can search for and buy domain names below at Bluehost :. Now that you have a fresh new domain and web host, the next step to building an IDX website is to install WordPress.

IDX for Real Estate Agent Websites

Not bad right? Then click on Install. Next, follow the prompts to connect to WordPress. Luckily there are only a few IDX providers to choose from, so this will really come down to a choice between price, features, and compatibility. In WordPress, plugins are small add-on apps that you can use to change the way your WordPress theme looks or behaves. IDX plugins can also provide features like listings search, map search, widgets, lead capture, and more.

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Most IDX providers offer much more than just a simple connection between your MLS and your website so the cost is well worth it. Since there is a lot of competition in this space, and only a handful of providers, take a quick run through the features each provide and then sign up for the one that suits your needs best. Here are the four most popular IDX providers for WordPress along with some information to help you choose the best one for you:.

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A WordPress theme is a collection of templates and other themes that control how your WordPress site looks and acts for site visitors. Themes also generally include many different templates for everything from headers, fonts, colors, backgrounds, and even lead capture and other advanced features. Remember that back-of-the-napkin list of features and bells and whistles you want for your website? Use your list of features you want to help you narrow down your choices when picking out a WordPress template.

Here are a few important and not so important criteria to keep in mind when choosing a WordPress theme for your real estate IDX website:. One of the coolest features WordPress themes offer is templates that offer multiple different looks for different parts of your website. For example, a template might have four or more unique templates just for the homepage, three for the about us page, and three for the contact us page.

IDX Features

Visual composer, Yoast, Mailchimp, Contact Form 7, and slider revolution are common plugins that come along with real estate WordPress themes. This one is actually less important than many people think. While real estate themes will commonly have agents pages as well as listings pages and ways to set up listings, those listings will need to be manually added and will more than likely NOT work with your IDX provider.

Generally speaking, a great theme will have a good amount of great reviews on Envato market.

What is IDX? For Real Estate Agents

It should also have a log of recent updates to make sure your site is always up-to-date. You should see the default WordPress theme already installed here. Note that since we have multiple themes installed, there are a few other themes here besides the default WordPress theme:. Here you can search for and install any plugins that you want for your site. A word of caution here: Since there are thousands of plugins available for WordPress it can be very tempting to just load up on plugins.

After all, more is better right? Well, for WordPress, the opposite can be true. More plugins can and often do equal more problems. This is half the fun of using WordPress. For now, here is a quick list of plugins that are useful for IDX real estate websites. Do you need to find someone who will do it? Absolutely not. We are proud to announce that with a dedicated US-based support team you have unlimited FREE text, links or image changes whenever you need to. It comes with any plan and it's absolutely free of charge. You should never worry about your hosting or security—let us take care of that.

You should just think about what to do with all those unlimited pages and bandwidth. Whether you fly solo or work as a team, your properties will be search-friendly, Real Estate SEO optimized and synced automatically with your MLS account.

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Choose from our fully customizable themes that you can tailored to your brand. Looking to go fully hands-off? We offer custom IDX website design and branding for those wanting the top-to-bottom branding experience and guidance from our experienced staff.

We scale with your team. Add or edit your team as it grows and evolves. This has already resulted in three new property sales to customers from the Miami area and beyond. Extend and amplify your real estate website. Drive more traffic and leads to your real estate website. How does it help you become a successful real estate agent? What does it cost to integrate IDX listings on your website? We detail everything agents need to know about IDX below, including its origins, evolution, and features, as well as how beginner real estate agents can get it set up on their sites.

IDX originated in the early s, when the internet was in its relative infancy and real estate agents and brokers realized they could effectively promote their listings online. Around the same time, MLSs needed a way for their members to have online access to their listings so that each agent could have more opportunities to promote listings, attract leads , and close deals. There were similar listing-sharing means for MLSs and agents previously, but at a costly price. As a result, only few agents and brokers — those with large pocketbooks — could afford to integrate MLS listings onto their websites.

Over time, though, standards for listing data and advances in web technology lowered costs, not only for agents, but also for the MLSs and software developers that serve the real estate market. In just a few years, the cost to create and maintain a real estate website went from thousands sometimes tens of thousands of dollars to just a few dollars each month.